We recently had West McCallie, and Renditions Painting do some interior work for us. He has been helping us for about 24 years and I trust him in the house whether I am home or not. He only has guys who work for him who are hardworking and honest. His business model is to serve people– not take advantage of them, and to provide a decent livelihood for his men who are good at what they do. I appreciate that mindset.
And we have a good history. 

One of his recommendations has been to get on a program of doing an annual power wash and touch up of the exterior. We have done this, and the house always looks fresh. 

That little cost on an annual basis has meant that we have significantly extended the time between a complete outside paint job– which is not cheap! Also, any issues can be addressed before they cause a problem. It’s a win for us, price wise, and for the maintenance of the house. We are staying on top of things and the house always looks good.

Dunwoody GA

I have used West McCallie over the past several years for a number of painting, repair and installation projects.  I have been extremely happy with the service.  The work is completed within the time and the price quoted, and the pricing is very reasonable.


We have used the services of Renditions and West McCallie for several years and have always been satisfied with the various services he provides. West is a pleasure to work with and genuinely desires a positive outcome with each project. Recently, Renditions painted the upstairs interior of our house, and we intend to use them again for the downstairs area.

Since his company can do a variety of home projects, it keeps things simple, and we find his fees to be reasonable. With that said, we recommend West for your next home project.